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The Eurojackpot lottery is the dream come true of players in 18 countries of the European Union. Simple rules of the lottery, high safety factor, and bombastic winnings. What more could you wish for? The favorite lottery came to be as a reply to the exceptionally favorite Euro lottery – EuroMillions. For the first time in March 2012 the Eurojackpot was drawn and although it was originally conceived in Amsterdam until this day it is regularly drawn in the Finnish town of Helsinki.

But how is the Eurojackpot so extraordinary? The first thing that comes to mind is the crazy main prize. It gradually grows from the minimal prize of 10 million euro up to the unbelievable maximum of € 90,000,000. The second benefit is that once the winning quota for 1st place passes EUR 90,000,000 it gets transferred to the prizes for 2nd place. Once it surpasses the limit of the 2nd place, it gets transferred to 3rd place and so on. It can, therefore, happen that you don’t need to guess all the numbers to win millions.

The principles of the EuroJackpot

The principles of the EuroJackpot are simple. This is a lottery with a so-called powerball element. Your task is to guess seven numbers. You choose five numbers from the 50 main numbers between 1 and 50 and two additional numbers from between 1 and 10, the so-called Euronumbers. The lottery, therefore, has a combination matrix of 5/50 + 2/10.

The amount of the bet in the Eurojackpot is € 2 per each fully filled column with one tip for each betting session. Naturally, you can prepay your bet for more sessions at once. Another option is to submit your ticket online as a system bet. With those, the number of guesses is given by the selection of the system based on the system tables of the Eurojackpot.

Creating a ticket online over the internet

You can decide on what number will be on your ticket yourselves and then manually click them on the online playing field. The second option is to let the system generate random numbers. These random numbers also have a statistically higher chance of winning. Why is that? Most players rely on their lucky numbers and date of births. But their neglecting numbers higher than 31 which have the same chance of being drawn. And so when lower combinations are drawn, the prize is divided among more people.

After placing the bet you just wait until the next Friday for the results of the draw. Drawing takes place in two devices for a total of 7 numbers. The first five numbers are drawn from the device with 50 balls with the number 1 through 50. The following drawing takes place on the second device with 10 numbers from 1 to 10.

Try your luck with the Eurojackpot lottery

The Eurojackpot lottery is definitely worth a try. You can place your ticket even via your cell phone or tablet - most lottery companies with the Eurojackpot in their selection have a smart mobile app of lotteries available for your device with iOS (Apple) and even Android. Come on, choose the numbers you believe in and with a few clicks you can be part of this amazing money game which can change your life. We wish you good luck.

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