Fun with playing e-scratchcards

Fun with playing e-scratchcards

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Not only slot machines, roulette, blackjack or poker belong among online games. Aside from this offering which makes up the basis of casino games, you have the option to try your luck in a lottery or with scratch-cards. The cards are good for their small initial investment and the ability to immediately win very nice sums.

What are scratch-cards?

Scratch-cards or lottery tickets belong to the classic lottery games. You can buy them practically everywhere – in some countries, you can buy them in newspaper stands, at the post office or even at a gas station. Unlike a lottery, their advantage is that you don’t have to wait for days or weeks for the results of the nearest drawing. Right on the spot, you will know whether you’ve won or not. All you need to do is scratch the fields and you know immediately whether your card was lucky or not.

Scratch-cards from the dawn of time

You can meet various types of scratch-cards. They differ in their theme and also in the probable winnings. You can select cards with the theme of a four-leaf clover, gems, cards inspired by movies or Christmas or Easter cards. And also the price for the scratch-card may differ and based on it also the prize you can win. The maximum winnings may climb quite high.

Scratch-cards over the internet

Scratch-cards can also be played online from the comfort of your home. E-scratchcards function on the same principle as the classic ones. You simply choose the one you like the most and then you scratch it. In the online version, you can select from two options. Either you select the button “scratch all” or you’ll have a bit of excitement when gradually scratching the playing fields. If you manage to win, the sum of your winnings will be credited to your player account. The number of scratch-cards and all the winning combinations must be listed in the issue plan of the lottery.

Before you set out on playing with real money, try scratch-cards for free first. Try the methods of uncovering the playing fields and test the various games and their interesting functions.

Where can you play scratch-cards online?

You will find scratch-cards in many legal online casinos. There is a selection of classical scratch-cards with various themes and there are different ones available in every country.

Responsible playing of e-scratchcards

Most people don’t consider scratch-cards as gambling. The feeling may be deceiving. When playing scratch-cards the same as when playing other gambling games applies, you will enjoy the game to the maximum only if you will play it responsibly. Avoid playing until the late-night hours or under the influence of alcohol. The enemy of all casino games is usually fatigue which leads to mistakes from loss of concentration.

Is it worth scratching cards online?

Although most of the winnings in e-scratchcards are rather small. There is still a chance that you might improve your budget with a nice sum. And the ratio of winnings scratch-cards compared to those that don’t win is most certainly better online than with classic scratch-cards.

In any case, always have a prepared plan on what to do with the winnings in case that luck shines on you. You never know behind which corner lady luck is hiding.

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