Group bets in a lottery

Group bets in a lottery

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There are many paths to winning in a lottery. Some players try to use math skills or they watch old recordings of draws and create a table of the drawn numbers, while others simply rely on luck. And then there are those who increase their chances thanks to a group bet.

How does a group bet work?

There is no special button for group playing or a function on the internet. A group bet is done by agreeing with some friends, neighbors or even a family. You select a game in which you want to place a group bet and each one of you buys a ticket with playing numbers. In case of a win, you will divide the prize among all of the members equally.

Why is a group bet beneficial?

Lottery games have a certain probability of winning the Jackpot. At first glance, a win may look distant but immense Jackpots do fall even here in our country. Winning a large sum is not unrealistic and sometimes all you need is a bit of luck. But if you don’t want to rely only on luck, then a group bet may help you increase your probability even several times over.

A group bet in practice

Group playing has brought rewards for the Finish town Siilinjärvi. In this town, 50 new millionaires appeared within the span of a few seconds. The winning ticket for €10 brought a massive Jackpot – 90 million Eur. The ticket was part of a group bet that 50 residents of the Finish city placed together.

Everyone of them bought one ticket and they’ve agreed to split the prize equally. This way, they’ve increased their chances 50-times and were successful. Every player brought home more than a million Eur.

Where can you try group playing?

You can try group playing in any guessing lottery. Select one of the lotteries that offer interesting Jackpots. The more people get involved in a group bet the more the chance of winning grows.

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