How to play scratch cards on the internet

How to play scratch cards on the internet

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Like betting, playing roulette or gambling, machines gradually move from brick & mortar facilities to online casinos on the Internet, also other types of gambling games such as lottery tickets and scratch cards have been experiencing the same trend. You do not need to go to newsstands, post offices or other lottery facilities. If you got tired of traditional scratch cards, try the virtual ones. You only have to log into your favourite online casino to buy lottery tickets or scratch cards online.

How to scratch cards on the Internet?

It works exactly the same way as in a lottery with paper scratch cards. At the beginning, an issue of virtual scratch cards is generated in an electronic environment – exactly like paper scratch cards are printed. Subsequently, the player chooses and buys a specific scratch card from such issue. Upon the scratching or opening of the playing field, the winning symbols determining the amount of the prize, if any, are displayed. All winning combinations of symbols are stated in the issue plan of the lottery, together with the amount of winning scratch cards in the lottery.

Are on-line lottery tickets secure?

If you play in the licensed online casinos as specified on our web site, you do not have to be afraid of anything. Within the EU, online casinos are subject to supervision by a certification authority. The authority supervises compliance with strict rules and fair-play. Every game is governed by a game plan.

Types of scratch cards

The basic principle of all scratch cards is the same. The respective issues only differ in their parameters, such as the price per one scratch card, maximum prize, prize structure of the issue, and the graphic appearance of the scratch card and wining symbols. Certain issues even offer the chance to win a progressive jackpot of the game.

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