Why choose online scratch tickets?

Why choose online scratch tickets?

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It's simple, really. First and foremost you do not have to think about buying a scratch ticket on your way to your convenience store, but you can try your luck immediately and play this online game from the comfort of your own home.

You can also expect your chances of winning to be higher by choosing online scratch tickets. The payout for online scratch tickets is around 95%. This is much lower for scratch tickets purchased at convenience stores. These are designed to offer the customer a return of only 50 - 75% (75% only for more expensive tickets).

You ask why the difference - why would online scratch tickets offer such high winnings compared to standard scratch tickets? Is it just the constant urge to compete with the ever-growing internet competition?

There is much more behind it and here are the influencing factors.

Cost on making scratch tickets

Have you ever thought about where your money goes when you purchase a scratch ticket and all that's behind it?

The cost for making paper cards with protective elements, marketing, design and distribution to stores costs a lot of money. This cost must be reflected in the winnings the company can offer players.

Lottery company monopolies

Most of these scratch tickets are offered by the state and national lottery companies. Their functioning is often uneconomical. We perceive their logo to be an unreasonably overpriced commercial in the media and spots. These companies must generate a high profit and return it to the state budget. They often spend an abundant amount of money on supporting sports and other things. All of these aspects affect your chance of winning.

Does it make sense? In that case, read further!

The primary advantage of online casinos and betting agencies is that they are much cheaper to operate than national lottery companies, which run convenience shops. A smaller number of employees, economic pressure, targeted spending and the fact that internet casinos do not have to print the scratch tickets all increase the share of winnings when playing online scratch tickets. Marketing, advertising and distribution costs are also limited to the internet environment and so far they are pushed to a minimum. This creates space for an increased winning percentage.

With respect to all of these factors, it is clear why online scratch tickets are a better payoff than standard scratch tickets, and why their winning percentage is so high. Despite these positive benefits, there are still a lot of people who purchase scratch tickets at convenience stores.

Why do so many people still trust paper scratch tickets?

One of the most important things is that the national lottery companies have a reputation - a brand if you will, that people are loyal to and trust.

Another thing is that people are often not aware of the opportunity to play scratch tickets online. We know online roulette, poker, Blackjack and other games, but online scratch tickets are still making their way around players.

Anti-campaigning against online casinos, taking place in some countries, also plays a certain role. The monopoly position of lottery companies creates a lot of pressure and lobbying in their favour.

Does buying online still present more benefits?

The amount of other benefits which online casinos provide players can also be emphasized. This particularly concerns various rewards, competitions, bonus games and loyalty programmes and plenty of other bonuses.

Our comparison makes it clear that choosing online scratch tickets is significantly better for the player than going with a standard scratch ticket.

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